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3M Learning Connection

2014 Schedule and Registration

With 3M's Learning Connection, you can register for free monthly CE contact hours to learn about today's top health care issues. These one-hour programs are interactive, web-based and hosted by experts to help you lead by implementing best practices in your organization. Registration is free, but space is limited: SIGN UP today.

Sterile U Indicates 3M ™  Sterile U Course Offering.

Click on the Learn More link below to register for our LIVE webinars.
April 15 Importance of a Clean Environment in Keeping Hands Clean Learn More
April 17 Sterile U     When the Auditors Come Knocking…How to Prepare Learn More
April 29 Owning Orphan Objects, What to do to Track them and Clean them? Learn More
May 6 Success Stories: Implementing New Preoperative Processes that have Improved Outcomes Learn More
May 8 Optimizing Cardiac Monitoring While Reducing ECG Alarms Learn More
May 13 Leading Change through Best Practices: Fundamentals of National Guidelines Learn More
May 15 Sterile U     Cycles, Instructions and Compliance - Oh My! Managing Reprocessing Complexity Learn More
May 20 Controlling the Spread of C difficile: A multifacted Approach Learn More
June 6 Resistant Bacteria Development and Cross-Contaminate Risk with Reusable ECG Leads Learn More
June 10 Getting to the Core: Considerations for Perioperative Temperature Monitoring Learn More
June 12 Sterile U     Greatest Hits from Columbus: 2014 IAHCSMM Highlights Learn More
June 17 Electronic Hand Hygiene Technology Review: Pros and Cons of each System Learn More
June 24 What's New in Hospital Disinfectant Products? Learn More
July 17 Sterile U     TBD Learn More
August 4 Eliminating a Risk of HAIs with Disposable ECG Leads Learn More
August 13 Preventing Orthopedic Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) through a Best Practice Bundle Learn More
August 21 Sterile U     TBD Learn More
September 10 Masks & Respirators, What's New? Learn More
September 12 An Economic Valuation of the Use of Disposable vs. Reusable ECG Leads Learn More
September 18 Sterile U     TBD Learn More
October 8 Immediate Use Sterilization in the OR Learn More
October 9 Sterile U     TBD Learn More
October 9 Anatomy and Physiology of the Heart Learn More
November 12 Hand Hygiene in the Perioperative Setting-Reviewing the Recommended Practice Learn More
November 13 Electrophysiology and Basic ECG Interpretation Learn More
November 20 Sterile U     TBD Learn More
December 11 Sterile U     TBD Learn More

Click on the View Archive link below to view our ARCHIVED webinars.
January 14 Leading the Way to SSI Reduction in Ambulatory Surgery Centers View Archive
January 16 Sterile U     Don't Borrow Trouble: An Approach to Managing Loaner Trays View Archive
January 21 Leading the Way: Healthcare Facility Hygiene View Archive
February 6 Magnitude of Healthcare Harm View Archive
February 13 Disposable vs. Reusable in the Hospital – An Evaluation of the Data View Archive
February 18 Patient Room: A New Microbial World View Archive
February 20 Sterile U     In Case of Emergency: The appropriate use of IUSS View Archive
February 27 Cerebral Vascular Accident (CVA) vs. Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) View Archive
March 11 Become a Temperature Champion: Improving Patient Outcomes by Maintaining Normothermia View Archive
March 13 Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) vs. Pulmonary Edema (PE) View Archive
March 13 Sterile U     Chemical Sterilization and High Level Disinfection
AAMI ST-58 Update
View Archive
March 25 From Bottom to Top, How to Reach Up to the C Suite to Support World Class Cleanliness View Archive
April 8 Going Green in the Operating Room View Archive
April 10 Reusable ECG Leads: Pathway Component in Cross-Contamination Hospital Acquired Infections View Archive